4 great features of Google that most people do not really know (Video)!

Google has very special features that only a few people have known, and a lot people still do not know:

 Google can serve as a Timer

So, I would like to show about these special features for you all:

1) Google can use a meter (Timer): 
Let's say that you want to count two hours backwards period, you can just type the word "Timer 2 hours" in the search box, then it will start counting back immediately and when the voice tells you. 

2) You can build buildings as you want: 
Just type www.buildwithchrome.com You'll be able to build building that you are satisfied with the items already given. 

3) Google can read numbers in English, even more digits: 
Simply type numbers as you want to the Google search; example 213,213,654,542 = english.

4) Recognize the thousands of stars:
You can just type www.google.com/sky you will see many stars accompanied with pictures and explanations.

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