5 the highest priced fruits and veggies in Japan

Thousands of dollars cost for the following fruits and vegetables in Japan. It sounds too unbelievable for you. But it really happened on the territory of Japan, they claimed that the following types of fruit, the most expensive in Japan

5) Square watermelons (Square Watermelon)

Why it just has a corner watermelon cost so much? In fact, this square watermelons are already covered by 4 corner-glass when it is still young. It is a special type of fruit in Japan, which can sell for $ 200, but its value can be up to $ 800 in Moscow, Russia.

4) mushroom Matsutake (Matsutake Mushrooms)
During the 80th and 90, this mushrooms are very expensive and is one of the most popular vegetables in Japan. At present, it is more expensive than before because it is becoming increasingly scarce while environmental factors changes affect its output collected less than 1 billion tons per year. Market demand, supply and quality can make its value varies according to each season of up to $ 2 000 per kg.

3) Roman vineyard Ruby (Ruby Roman Grapes) 4 000 dollars a cluster
Ruby Roman grapes, become more expensive for it is difficult to cultivate. Since imports to the market in 2008, they claimed that the vine is very helpful for Japanese people contain natural sugars up to 18%. In 2013, because it can not supply the demand of making, this type of grapes sell for up to $ 4 000 per or cluster..

2) Black watermelon Densuk (Densuke Black Watermelon)  $6100 per one
Black watermelon Densuk have grown the most on the island Hokkaido where Japanese people understand that it is good and colorful sweet to eat. Watermelon has only 10 000 per year, and its stock is only short-term, while its value A maximum of up to $ 6 100 per fruit.

1) Cucumber rice king Yubari (Yubari King Melons)
Yubari fruit, which is the most expensive in Japan because it has a unique sweet taste and good for health benefits, including a cute appearance for display or give as a gift when Festival Chugen. It is commonly sold with prices ranging from $ 50 to $ 100 a pair. But for the auction, it is worth up to $ 26 000.

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