5 women in the technology sector, which has a great wealth in the world

Usually, when it comes to the richest person in the world, most everyone always thought that they are men. Today I bring new information related to the 5 women who are very wealthy in the world in the field of technology, according to the press China daily.  

Here are they:

5. Marissa Mayer, 39
She is the company's chief executive, Yahoo Inc., based in the United StatesCurrently, she has a wealth of nearly US $ 410 million.

 4- Ms. Wang Hsiueh Hong (Cher Wang), 56
She is the co-founder and CEO of HTC Taiwan-based in China recently. She has assets of nearly $ 890 million.

3. Ms. Lucy Peng (Peng Lei), 42
She is a chief executive of the financial service provider's Alibaba which is based in China, currently has assets of nearly $ 1.2 billion.

2. Ms. Sheryl Sandberg, 45 
Facebook's chief operating officer, based in the United States today, she has a wealth of nearly 1.22 billion US dollars.

1. Whitman, 58 
She is a president and CEO of Hewlett-Packard, based in the US Currently, she has a wealth of nearly 1.3 billion million.

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