6 reasons considering about using Facebook or other social media networks

For about 10 years, Facebook has its service to the public in conjunction simple relationships between people, whether near or far. This is a fantastic achievement Facebook that owner Mark Zuckerberg with his classmates made.

Facebook user account is estimated about 1.39 billion by this 2015, this certainly provides many benefits to users very easy to connect one another quickly.

However, the same advantages as Facebook can provide, there are some disadvantages as well, in case you are not used to fit the circumstances

Below are 6 reasons you can reflect yourself whether you are indulged in some point and whether to change how or stop using Facebook anymore:
1) Spend more time on Facebook, leading to losses in vain 

According to research, the average rate on Facebook that a day spent 17 minutes on a social network. This can be considered as an appropriate use of Facebook. But according to the practical aspects a large number of Facebook users currently spent on Facebook, more and more personal time or study time, eating food and even sleep.

2) Affect your health

Not only is social network sites can have a negative effect on your own time and destroy the social reality but can also affect your health. Some studies say it can affect your immune system and inhibit the growth hormones to decrease system digestion vision impairment limits and finding creative destruction, and also affects the sleep habits slowly, wakes up late and no happiness.

3) Take the time to waste on people not familiar or even making sure to maintain the same relationship as on Facebook 
Adults, the average adult has a friend, about 338 people on Facebook, and may not have known each other for more than 10% or are unknown also. So why we need to waste time to unknown people? And if meet on Facebook when you meet outside really keep in touch, as the debate on Facebook or not?

4) Can be tedious because Facebook advertising (Advertisements)

When you want to buy something you really have to find (search), to verify the value and purchasing decisions. But in the next 6 months, Facebook is still a reminder to buy considering the goods, even if you have already purchased. Of course, the most used method is embedded cookies, but Facebook is hosting these ads on your timeline.

5) Not sure what you post to Facebook are getting interested and attentive
Very few people were thoughtful care want to know what you are doing, what is to be with someone eating or shopping

6) Facebook account can be hacked
and steal confidential information
We can say that all words on Facebook can be broken out at any time, because the currently there are a lot hackers. Hackers may have various methods to steal accounts, as well as theft of confidential conversation. So talking to safety should not be made on a digital system through social networks.

Ideas to consider: However, if you know how to divide the time to use Facebook or any other social network, there are benefits, but do not use it until becoming addicted, because it can affect the personal affairs, health,

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