7 celebrities who has great eating habits to help their body slim

A career as a singer, actor or model, which are well-known is based on beauty, talent and ability of different dressing up so that can attract people around.

If talking about their daily diet to help maintain them be slim, there also are different.Below you all will see how some stars, who has different habit of eating from normal people.

1) Model stars Megan Fox 
She always has a rice spoon of apple vinegar to increase Metabolism.

Image source: abcnews

 2) Model Star Petra Nemcova 
She has only seafoods, carrots and tomatoes.

Image source: whitegadget

3) Singer Beyonce wants to lose weight, drink only water from Maple leaves, orange juice, chilly powder and water within 10 days.

Image source: huffingtonpost.
 4) Singer Mariah Carey has always eat fresh fish with no mixing with salt or spicy before performing.

Image source: primetime.unrealitytv
5) model Elizabeth Hurley, drink green leaves, watercress soup 6 cups a day when you want to lose weight.

Image source: womenshealthmag

 6) Model star Selita Ebanks eats frequently with milk mixed with salmon, broccoli and cauliflower.

Image source: viraldot

 7) Actress Laura Prepon set up food diary by eating 500 calories a day.

Image source: huffingtonpost

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