7 Guinness World Records things of Cambodia so far!

Recently, Cambodia seems being recognized by the world that it is a country that riches in traditional cultures, civilizations and sparkling on the land of Angkor and the people living in an innovative manner.For the last moment, Cambodia has received continually 7 different things from the Guinness World Records by the efforts of the Khmer people.

Below are the 7 World Records of Cambodia

1- 2015 people in Madison dance in 2015

It was happened when the Sankratra (Khmer New Year) 2015 celebrated in Angkor, Siem reap, on the 15th April 2015. It broke the old World Record from last year that Australia got and that time there were 1150 people danced.

2- The biggest traditional Khmer cake (Num Ansorm)
It weighted more than 4000 kg, it take about 2 days to cook was approved by the Guinness that the biggest cake in the world on the 13th April 2015 during the Khmer New Year as well. It was cook technically and by 100 of Khmer chiefs.
3- Khmer Alphabets
Guinness recognized that Khmer has a lot of alphabets than other countries in the world. There are 74 letter, but it is not all to be used.

4- The king who was on many positions 
King Sihanouk used to be different positions such as: 1941-1955 as King; 1955-1966 Prime Minister; 1960-1970 as head of state; 1970 as deportation government; 1976 as President; 1982-1988 as deportation president; 1989-1991 as deportation head of state; 1991 as chairman of National council; 1991-1993 as King of state and 1993 as 2nd reigned King 

5- The fastest increase of Mekong River
In the rainy season, Mekong River rapidly increases 20 times to become 10-15 km small sea. This flow is equal 2 times of Niagara waterfall in Canada and America.

6- The laziest turtle
The fresh turtle that lives in Mekong River of Cambodia. It take about 95 percent of its life to stay at the sandy bottom of the River waiting for foods that come close to its mouth. It comes out of the River surface only twice a day to breath.

7- The biggest religious dedicated construction
Constructions around Angkor area were built on land about 1626 hectare that is the biggest religious dedication in the world. King Sorayavaraman 2 had built these great temples to dedicate to Hindu deities and Preah Visnuh. 

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