7 things the Samsung Galaxy S6 can do that iPhone 6& 6Plus can't

Some people may feel and say that the Galaxy S6 design is very similar to the iPhone 6, but actually it has different advantages and functions of these top two smartphone

The following are 7 special functions of Galaxy S6 can do, but iPhone 6 could not do:

1) Double click on Home bottom to run the Camera

2) Self photo taking (selfie) easily through an advanced sensor technology with just percussion (tapping) on ​​the back of the Galaxy S6 or click on the screen

3) Launch applications (app) at the same time on the same screen

4) Have functional control heart rhythm

5) Function that saves Ultra power saving mode

6) Charging Adaptive fast Charging (charging only 10 minutes can be used for 4 hours)If you want the full charging from 0 to 100% is spent quickly only half equalizer for the iPhone 6.

7) Wireless technology, wireless charging

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