8 the most special things about Asian Dragon Hong Kong

Hong Kong used to be controlled by the United Kingdom from 1842 - 1997, and the British handed over to China. Hong Kong is one of the four Asian Dragons: Singapore - Hong Kong - Taiwan, South Korea. Hong Kong has an area of ​​1104 square kilometers and more than 7 million people.

 Source: gqrgm

The 8 points bellow you will understand and know about Hong Kong, Here they are:

1. Hong Kong
is a special Administrative Region as Macao. This announcement led Hong Kong to be a city state.

2. Hong Kong
means a "fragrant harbor" in Khmer language.

3. Hong Kong, is a place where there is a restaurant whose waiter is robot.

4. Hong Kong, a city with a high population density or concentration. The average cash equal mixture of land per square meter, there are 6.5 people.

5. If referring to geographic factors, Hong Kong also has humid weather, because it is located in the sub-tropical regions. But the opposite, in fact Hong Kong has a tropical climate itself is hot and humid. From May to September, Hong Kong suffered from depression and storm, and it caused a lot of rain in the monsoon season. In case of rain, both night and day offices were closed for holidays.

6. Hong Kong, named as the city with the highest ratio in the world that are plenty of Roll-Royce car Mercedes and are plenty of stores, restaurants, hotels, clubs and entertainment boom crowded. But the gap between the rich and the poor in Hong Kong also surpassed well as Israel, Singapore and the United States.

7. Hong Kong, because the concentration of so many Hong Kong citizens also have a high-rise building skyscraper up to more than 8 thousand buildings.

8. Some people think that Hong Kong has a small land so surely has no much forest and as well parks.  But in fact, Hong Kong has forest covering and a beautiful garden park that total accounted for 25% of the total land area. In the garden, on the ground there are 24 places and gardens on the surface of the water and under the water. So, there are four places of them.


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