8 Tips that will protect your MacBook from the viruses effectively

The purpose of creating a computer virus is different as to regain control over the computer, and in order to find the to steal important information relevant to the user's financial order to increase the knowledge of the code and the computer's operating process and to take virus created to prevent cyber crime...etc.  

No matter that the purposes, any computers user desired high safety on their computers from viruses.

So, the following are the 8 tips to protect your Mac computers from infection effectively

1) Disable Java (Disable Java)


1a) disable Java in Safri- Launch Safari and go to the Safari menu and choose "Preference"- Click on the tab "Security" and un-check the box "Enable Java"
1b) off Java System-Wide in Mac OS X- Open the Applications folder, and open the Utilities folder- Open the "Java Preference"- Un-check the box "Enable applet plug-in and Web Start application"- Un-check the box "Java SE #" as in the table (Figure)

2) Update the software (apps) and regular OS X Software


Always a security update (Security Update) and third party applications too. An update on the OS X System Software and OS X app is the best method to provide high security for Mac computers. To update (Update):- Software Update from the Apple menu, and then install the update when there are updates- Open the App Store and download the update

3) Off (Disable) or Delete (Remove) program Adobe Acrobat Reader

 Adobe Acrobat Reader program, recently leaked a security loophole, so to be safe, you should turn off or deleted from the computer. To view a PDF file, you can also use other programs as well.

4) Install (Install) anti-virus software for Mac OS XUsing the Anti-Virus is the best choice to ensure the safe from virus attacks. Osxdaily introduced free anti-virus software for the Mac called Sophos anti-virus.

5) Close the Adobe Flash / Flash Block Plugin

Many website is using Flash to play video and some of the progame, but it can also provide a security loophole. Mac then stop using Flash installed because it rocks, and a security loophole. Besides delete Flash method, you can also use Flash block plugin browser on. Below are the plugins free download-ClickToFlash For Safari http://hoyois.github.com/safariextensions/clicktoplugin/

6) Off (Disable) to open the file automatically after download (Download)


Safari features (defaults) will open the safety function "safe" automatically after download. To add more safety, you can turn off (disable) function and to manage the download yourself:- Open the Safari preference and click on the tab "General"- Remove the check box "Open 'safe' files after downloading"

7) Check if whether (Anti-Malware Definition) opened yetOS X operating system to download (download) and even virus definition files (malware definition) automatically to the virus effectively. This function is a default, but you can often check to make sure your Mac computer to get the latest update. To:- Open System Preference and click on the "Security & Privacy"- Under the tab "General" browse "automatically update safe downloads list" and enable
You can also check the list of updates (update list) is a manual if you are concerned that your anti-virus software update last but computer dongle.

8) Do not install nonsense Software that you do not needIf you see a jump window (pop-up) asks you to install the software random (random), you do not need to install it. This may be derived from malware on the Mac. While Apple is trying to patch to improve the safety and well, but the virus is still powerful. So you do not have to install them, and unnecessary programs should also install better.

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