9 new features of iPhone 6s or 7 - rumors of iPhone 6s or 7 releasing!

We do not know yet whether the end of this year, Apple will have something new to bring to the public. Although in the next about 5 months, but this is surrounded by rumors as well as other relevant reports iPhone iPhone 6S or 7 gradually. The following information is related to the next generation of the iPhone, which one of biggest international websites published recently:

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1-iPhone 6S or iPhone screen 7 can have two different sizes, such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Public speculation that Apple will launch new iPhone in September during the end of the year, which can keep the size of the screen as the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch.

2- Can also have the opportunity to see the next generation of the iPhone features a 4-inch-generation iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C also

According to news reports from Taiwan's Digitimes that Apple plans to release the next version of the iPhone again 3 model with a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch 4-inch sizes to meet the needs of a small box is easy to use.

3-iPhone 6S iPhone or 7 may also have the option of a new color is pink


Apple is reportedly being tested on the selection of the next generation of the iPhone has a new color is pink. According to the newsletter The Wall Street Journal. Though there was no confirmation at this time, but it is possible with experience that Apple has added an option already golden on their products. 

4- The camera is capable of high-quality photography

You write a blog (blogger) named John Gruber says that the next generation iPhone will have a high quality camera bigger than before. Apple also recently acquired the Israeli maker of camera LinX value of approximately US $ 20 million already. According to the Journal The Wall Street Journal. LinX technology can create photo quality more clearly, it will reduce blur (noise) in the weak light and improve the function other.

5- You may also be able to add 3D functionality

In fact, the company's camera technology LinX Apple acquisition also enables you to produce 3D photos with the iPhone. According to the research firm Macquarie Research. This iPhone 6S 7 or iPhone camera technology 'duo camera', and can also use more than one camera sensor as well, to be able to take photos deep and clear. 

6- We probably will see the Force Touch technology on the new generation iPhone as Apple Feature on the Apple Watch

The next-generation iPhone will be equipped Fore Touch technology used on the new MacBook and Apple Watch watches already. Verbal, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities. Force Touch technology on the iPhone 7 will be different from the Force Touch on Apple's new products are capable of more and more. 

7-iPhone generation operating better capacity

Apple executive capacity development for the iPhone from one generation to another in order to speed up the process better. This time there was no raised regarding the ability of the iPhone web 7 yet, but Bloomberg News reported that Apple has chosen Samsung to supply chip maker besides old partner TSMC, which is based in Taiwan.

8-iPhone 7 software will use the latest generation of Apple's iOS 9

Any subsequent iPhone comes ready with a new generation of software for creating rich functional capacity. iOS 9 may be announced at the WWDC 2015 event, held in June.

9-iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 also support music service of Beats Music company as a rumor 

After acquisition Beats Apple is expected to use the potential of the manufacturing company specialized instruments installed on the iPhone. There will be a Music service. This music service can require users to pay $ 7.99 / month.

Source: Businessinsider

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