9 Things you should know from the gold market around the world

1) The 15 largest gold producers in the world, including the US, China, Russia, Australia, Peru, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Ghana, Uzbekistan and Papua Argentina Tanzania.
 Source: plus.google.com
2) Above the 15 produced gold, equivalent to about 3, 4 of the total gold produced in the world in 2012, which is equivalent to 78.4 billion US dollars. This amount is equal to the gross domestic product of Ecuador or AzerNews.

3) The gold mining 15 countries employ its population of about 527 900 people in the past 2012.

4) the gold mining sector has become an important sector for the country's exports, some of which, such as Tanzania gold exports accounted for 36 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). Ghana and Papua exported gold, equivalent to 26% of its GDP.

5) In 2012, the gold processing to be between $ 23.4 billion and $ 27.6 billion.

6) the price of gold to recycle $ 16 per tonne, while gold is extracted from ore takes up to $ 36 per ton.

7) In 2012, investment growth in the production of gold bars or gold coins equal to 36% of total gold demand banks around the world bought into the equivalent of 12% recycled jewelery accounted for 43% and the use of technology and industry 10%.

8) in 13 countries around the world, including India, China, the US, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Thailand, Vietnam and countries 4 other most imported gold, which accounted for 75% of total imports of gold around the world for to produce jewelery or gold bars and coins.

9) in the total amount of gold worth about $ 110 billion were imported by these countries in 2012, which equals Bangladesh's GDP. 10) is projected to increase in the supply and demand for gold will increase up to $ 210 billion per year in over the next few years.

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