The countries is a haven for investors in Southeast Asia

That make it better for business (Business-Friendly Countries), not the country as a major economic as China - Brazil (Brazil) - India (India). According to the World Bank's classified. Some countries have a small, but a good place for a business such as Singapore and New Zealand (New Zealand) is overtaking among 187 countries in the list of evaluated and classified.

 British investors in Singapore (icon) Source:

World Bank assessment, according to quantitative indicators on regulation in the field of business regulation and indicators as a benchmark to compare 189 countries. Procedures to assess, since the business processes and the initial investment to run the right to open a business or investment - the supply of electricity for large and small industrial enterprises registered in the Ministry of investor protection - a procedure for taxpayers - transport products go out of the country - consistently respect the contract and resolution procedures in case bankruptcy (insolvency).
Countries with the lowest ratings in the list is the country that is occurring fighter and insecurity nationwide such as : Eric Eritrea  - Libya  - Central African Republic  - South Sudan  - Afghanistan .. 

Asian countries leading the list are: 1. Singapore,  2. New Zealand, 3. Hong Kong, 5. South Korea, 10. Australia, 18 Malaysia, 26- Thailand, 29 Japan.

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