Tips to Download Facebook Photo Albums easily without software installation

Every day there are a lot photos that Facebookers uploaded into its account and Tag and Share considerable. Sometimes you may want to download many photos in one time from Facebook, and hate downloading one by one.
 Here are the simple tips and easy way to download a photo album or many photos as once all photos using mouse click only once. 

 Follow the steps below:
-First head to

-Click on Facebook download button as sign


- And then you can find a friend's photo album or photo from the Group or Page you would like to download.

- At the tab 'Friend' You can find a friend to download- Tab 'Group' you can search for the name of the group, which join to download from the group- At the tab 'Page' You can search for the name of the page, who like to download from


After click any option, and then you have two option to be able to download Tagged and Albums. Photos will show up that you can select, you must select photos before download. Finally, just click on the Download button at the right place.

Note: You can also click on Download all items to download all the photos from your friend account.


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