Tips to tour around the city of Angkor by spending less money

When it comes to setting up the trip sightseeing characterized as a group, as a couple, or alone, looking for accommodation and transportation are reasonably cheap and comfortable, is really hard, so it is hard for who would like to do adventures and want to spend less and want to go places.

Angkor Siem Reap is a tourist area rich in culture, ancient temples, including the natural landscape of green forest as well as the size of the land stretches tens of kilometers which is why tourism requires a different vehicle as  means of transportation, but for the use of automobiles, motorcycles, tuk tuk and a solution that really need the high cost.

So, let's look at ways to make the process as comfortable without environmental pollution and do not disturb others, as well as does not interfere with the spirit of the Angkor temples in the area by bike and cheap entertainment suitable for different kind of bikes, each is worth between $ 2 to $ 12 per day.Although ridding bike on the road with a distance can make
tourists a bit weary but will feel satisfied with the bike like this, because it can make you nice tour of this comprehensive site of Angkor, can stop relax or visit the temples of Angkor Wat

 Picture source: Kqube

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