Top 10 the happiest countries in the world!
According to a study by Gallup, the company's best-known research in the USA  report about the top 10 countries where are happiest in the world. This study was conducted in approximately 143 countries, with experts to ask adults about how they feel happy and sad about those countries. Through this research, they observed that the people living in Latin America showed the pleasure of their condition compared to many parts of the world.

Below are the 10 countries that have the most fun in the world:

1-Paraguay: Total points​ 89

ប្រជាជនប៉ារ៉ាហ្គាយ (ប្រភព៖

2-Columbia:  84 points

Colombian people

3-Equator:  84 points
Equator people
4-Guatemalan: 84 points

Guatemalan people

5- Honduras: 82 points

Honduran people

6- Panama: 82 points
ប្រជាជន​ប៉ាណាម៉ា​សម្តែងសិល្បះ (ប្រភព៖ (Panamas people perform art)
7- Venezuela: 82 points
ប្រជាជនវេណេហ្ស៊ុយអេឡា (ប្រភព៖
8- Costa Rica: 81 points
ប្រជាជន​កូស្តារីកា (ប្រភព៖
9- El Salvador: 81 points
El Salvadorean people
10- Nicaragua: 81 points
ប្រជាជននីការ៉ាហ្គា (ប្រភព៖

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