Top 10 Hollywood film that smashed a lot of cars

Although Hollywood film used technology, but there are some scenes also require the use of real instruments as well, and those cost hug amount of money “Fast and Furious 7″ Otherwise, not only the movie "Fast and Furious 7", which smashed hundreds of cars in film production, other 10 large-scale film also use and destroyed dozens of vehicles to each scene.

 A scene in the movie Need For Speed: wemotor 

1) Transformers 3 

Technically, each of 532 units were demolished to make the movie "Transformers 3", so all these cars are donated to the Michael Bay, the director, however damaged cars all parts to permanently destroyed in accordance with the law.

2) Matrix Reloaded

 Filmmakers,  in the post-production of the movie Matrix Reloaded have to pay for damaged vehicles destroyed 300 units to the car maker.

3) Fast & Furious 5 

260 vehicles were destroyed in the movie "Fast 5". Since the production of the film, from a car than 1 000 vehicles were damaged and destroyed . 260 vehicles were destroyed in the movie "Fast Five", while 400 vehicles were used to produce the "Fast and Furious 6 ".

4) The Junkman 

The Junkman film is the biggest film  which is the most crashed that never saw because only 60 seconds. HB Halicki said more than 150 vehicles were smashed and destroyed to produce Junkman.


5) A Good Day To Die Har  
132 vehicles were destroyed in the film. If talking about this film alone, all 132 units were destroyed, but in terms of the movie scene is not less than 518 units, which was demolished.

6) G.I. Joe 

112 vehicles were destroyed, they GIJoe movie film was named the most car smashed won the Blues Brothers movie, with more than 8 units. But this time, this film is no longer a single movie demolished over again.

7) The Blues Brothers

103 vehicles were destroyed in the film produced in the 80th century (1980), while in 2000, 104 vehicles were destroyed in the film Blues Brothers 2000.

8) Gone In 60 Seconds 

Total of 93 vehicles were destroyed in the production of the film with cost $ 150 000. But the film Gone In 60 Seconds earn up to $ 40 million worldwide. HB Halicki, producers, and directors that are driving "Eleanor" directly at the car chase scene. Not only the last, he was sent to the hospital due to the slip speed drive.

9) Bullitt

More than 80 vehicles were destroyed. With a car chase scenes aerobatic make the film are among the films that produce the best one.

10) Ronin

80 vehicles were destroyed. Director John Frankenheimer was a former racing driver, combined with the help of former Formula One driver Jean-Pierre Jarier and 300 character  to make the movie Ronin become a great movie car chase on the streets of Paris.

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