Top 10 Japanese tradition, which makes foreign tourists surprise

Japan has been considered as a highly civilized countries in East Asia. Therefore, the majority of people in this country are very tough and severe with the customs and culture.
So, you should find out about the 10 things below when tripping to Japan:

1) The number "4" is a unlucky number: 
4 sound similar to the word "death" then the Japanese customs consider that it is an unlucky number (the worst case). Therefore, you should not give it to anyone going to the fourth.

2) Pour out your nose in public:

Not only in Japan and other countries have also considered as despicable. So if you want to pour your nose out, you should use a towel or tissue or sweat in softened water  and make sure no one could not see you do so.

3) The money is an insult: 

unlike in Cambodia and other countries in Japan money (money -tipping) Japanese was considered an insult. If you would to do it to someone, you should give a gift.

4) Walk and eat at the same time is a bad thing: 

Most Japanese people do not like to walk and eat. Eating in public or in a train, except for some foods, such as ice cream. 

5) There are people pushing you at a crowded place or on the electric-powered trains (Subway): Japanese "Oshiya" or "Pusher" or "push" the men wore white uniforms, gloves and hats. They were hired to pull people into the car and make sure that no one in the stand cover  (in the very hour traffic -rush hour). 

6) In Japan, there are people sleeping in the train, and their heads will be on someone shoulders:
It is very common in Japan, so do not wonder if you see this kind of thing during your way on the train or bus.7) Wear sleeper shoes into toilet or bathroom: 
In some places, such as restaurants, traditional temples, museums and art galleries or in the homes of Japanese people are wearing sleeper shoes in the bathroom or toilet. In some special shoe is ready for a change. You should put it.

8) If the Japanese invite you to visit their homes must have a gift to the host: 

If Japanese invites you to visit their  home, do not forget gifts. You should have the proper packaging and ribbon (ribbon) close to the bottom. If they give you a gift can not be denied, but he should be denied before acceptance.

 9) Pour water or alcohol intake itself considered rude: 
It is customary in the United States or in other other countries in the world where you have to pour water or wine for ourselves. In Japan, you should  not do this by our own. Another point, before you drink, must awaiting word "Kanpai" means (cheers).

10) Eating noodles in front of other people face is a good thing because you appear to others that noodles is delicious.

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