Top 10 the most popular tourist sites in Malaysia

Kota Bharu, Malaysia Source: youtube
10) Coastal Melak 
Melaka is a major coastal areas in the southwest of Malaysia. It is a busiest cargo ports between China and India and Some of the country's disputed area of ​​the colony, Malaysia in the past. Now become history, art, culture, architecture reveals a rich heritage properties.

9) Kota Bharu
 Kota Bharu features are different from other areas, it is an attractive market of the country, Malaysia, for a fun purchase food items and in the border Thailand.

8) natural attractions Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands is the oldest tourist destination in Malaysia. Titiwangsa Mountains with forests, mountains, lakes, streams of colorful flower garden and landscape Farm and so on.
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7) Koh Kota Kinabalu 
Kota Kinabalu, the island has a tropical climate has become a tourist attraction quickly because tropical forest habitats Wildlife National Park and skyscrapers.

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6) Kuching 
Kuching is the largest city on the island of Borneo, Malaysia, visitors can visit the many historical sites and the market is very noisy .

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5) Island Penag 
Penag an island located in the west of the country, and Malaysia as a tourist destination popular due History of George Town.

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4) Kuala Lumpur 
Kuala Lumpur as Malaysia's largest city and main commercial area, which is concentrated in western buildings Trade tall skyscrapers and where the best entertainment.

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3) Taman Negara Rainforest 
Taman Negara forests Toronto one of the most popular world's tourist areas where birds live and rare types of endangered species such as the Malayan tiger variety.
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2) beach Langkaw
 LangKaw archipelago northwest concentration of 99 islands, mangrove forests rain forest. Currently, hotels, restaurants and resorts are built in beautiful tourist needs.

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1) Gunung Mulu National Park 
Gunung Mulu National Park, is a remarkable natural attractions to visit in Southeast Asia. But it is also a scary place tbetei here big cave and longer in the world who have been able to accommodate Boeing has 40 fighter aircraft and 747 vehicles.

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