Top 5 the most popular tourist sites in Sihanouk Ville where most tourists always go and visit

Chairman of the Department of Tourism Sihanouk ville showed very popular tourist site that tourists always visit every time when visiting  Sihanouk ville and highlighted the increasing rate of local visitors and foreigners to 34% compared to last year during the Khmer New Year 2014.

Picture source: thebnews

He also said in the Khmer New Year 2015, from 14th to 16th April 2015, Sihanouk ville province received a total of 70,945 visitors, 34% increasing compared to the same period of the Khmer New Year 2014 with only 63,141 visitors, up to 29% and international visitors amounted to 7,807, up to 84% as of during the Khmer New Year.He also mentioned that visitors who come to visit Sihanouk Ville always go and visit places including:

1- Bamboo Island

2- Koh pring Island


 3- Koh Rong Island


 4- Small Island

 5- Peaceful village


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