Top 5 places in Stung Treng, Cambodia, where most people visited during Khmer New Year 2015

The Khmer New Year 2015, numbers of people came to visit the Northern provinces of Cambodia was increased noticeably, especially in Stung Treng province of Cambodia. The guesthouses and hotels were very full and some people didn't have places to stay. When people came to visit Stung Treng province, the top 5 places that the most people went to visit the most:

Here they are:

1- Sopheak Mith Cascade or Waterfalls
There were a lot of people went to this place. Because of the road access that people can go by cars and no more expenditure for the disappeared ferry from Stung Treng town to other side of the river.

People went there also spent time to explore Eco-tourism site by seeing the fresh water dolphin in the Mekong river closed by and sightseeing the natural landscape over there and took boat trip across Mekong river to Lao side that located other side of the river, went shopping and see Lao people lifestyle. It take about 40 km from the town.
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2- Bopha Plok sandy island resort
It has been very popular resort for relaxing and swimming with very clear water. There are many floating house for people can seat and spend time together as friends or family. This year there are thousand of people a day to go since Chinese New Year 2015. People can travel there by car on the dirt road and about 25 km from town.
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3- Crossing border to see Phak Pheng Cascade
There were a lot people who have ability, they also would love to go to see Lao side that need to do border crossing to see other Cascade in Lao land. It take about 55km from town to the border and other 15km to Lao Cascade.
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4- O' chrolong stream
There also were a lot people went to this natural stream of O'chrolong. There people can rest and relax by spending time with friends and family eating and swimming. It is about 20 km from town.
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5- Sekong River sandy island resort 
It is a new place that just established this year. It is very popular place to swim with the warm and not deep water in the Sekong river where are plenty of sand. Thousand people went there each day too.
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