Top 5 resorts around Phnom Penh, where most local go during festivals

Around Phnom Penh there are many National resorts where are suitable for all people who would not like to go far away during holiday or vacation.
Below are the top 5 that a lot local and international tourist love going to spend time for relaxing at weekend and holiday. Here are they:

1. Baset Mountain Resort: 
It is an ancient cultural temple, where national and international tourists usually go on vacation to get there every Saturday, Sunday and festival season. Phnom Baset is located in Makak Commune, Ponnhea Leu district, Kampong Speu province. In order to get there, you can travel along National Highway 5 (the road from Phnom Penh to Battambang), and when they arrive the market Prek Phnov, at km 11. Turn left for about 13 km., and you will arrive Phnom Baset.

2 - Udong Mountain
It is an ancient monument and place where sacred relics of the Buddha. At the top of the hill shrine appeared from the plain like a legend. Near the foot of the mountain, there are places where you can buy foods, rest and eat. A lot of people especially people from Phnom Penh come to visit and eat chicken roast fish, chicken. Oudong bordered three provinces of Kampong Chhnang, Kompong Speu and Kandal. This mountain is located around 40 kilometers northwest of Phnom Penh. In order to get there, you can travel along the National Highway 5 from Phnom Penh to Battambang.

3. Kien Svay Pagoda Resort 
It is located in Kien Svay district, and a distance of 19 kilometers from Phnom Penh along National Highway 1 toward Neak Leung. The resort has a beautiful small ornamental tree and other fruit trees, providing shade from the scorching sun campus with greens natural view. In addition, the resort has been stretched by tributaries from the Mekong River runs through the area that make plantation iin this area with a lot of diversity. The resort seems to be attractive for domestic tourists, special Phnom Penh people.

4. Koh Dach island resort

 It is located about 20 kilometers northeast of Phnom Penh. The island has an area of ​​30 square kilometers . Tourists can reach there, according to the National Highway 6A along the Mekong River. There is a traditional silk weaving village where skilled craftsmen in the area, spinning and weaving for their family living. There is also a fishing village on the banks of the river. Tourists can enjoy weaving skills and their fishing.

5 - Sa arng Mountain resort

It is located in the commune, Kandal District, Kandal province, about 23 kilometers from Takmao city or 34 kilometers from Phnom Penh. It can be reached through the new national road No. 21 from Takmao to the old national road No. 21.

This Mountain is natural and cultural attractions such a pagoda built on top of the hill we could see see beautiful landscapes that surround them. Mount does not have many trees as Kien Svay resort, but around the pagoda there is a large Lake that is rich in fish, water-flowers,  tourists can enjoy a boat ride and fishing. In the rainy season, the Mount seems to be an island surrounded by wide water.

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