Top 5 the world's youngest Millionairs

While older entrepreneurs are competing in the richest position man in the world, meanwhile the new generation young entrepreneurs began to flourish and grow. It's undeniable that the young person  have ability to conduct business on their own, and can get a great success.
 Let's go! To explore the richest young people in the world:

1) Cameron Johnson,
Cameron Johnson is a young American millionaire that have entrepreneurship since a young kid and he can earn revenue of about $ 400,000 per month. When Cameron was a boy, he was just a poor child who sells vegetables in the market. But at age 12, he got an idea in running a business through buying and selling toy products, but failed. After that, he turned to create e-mail service providers (My EZ Mail), which later sold to a company for $ 1 million in 19-year-old.

At age of 24, Cameron can earn several million dollars, and at the moment he is the best-known speakers for entrepreneurial training programs at universities and enterprises and institutions of the United States.

2) Ashley Qualls, 24

Ashley Qualls is a young millionaire who has been alleged that can earn a lot money from Her business idea. About 10 years ago, when she was 14, Ashley has taught herself to write web applications (HTML), which later she created a personal website called to attract customers from her achievements.

There were many supporters on her achievement from years to years on the media network and this let companies started advertising on her website. Million-dollars income at the moment her website has access to at least 7 million times each month.

3) Fraser Doherty, 21 

Fraser Doherty is Scotland's young entrepreneurs who earn a lot of money and become millionaires while he was still young, and now he has been  owned a company sells seasonings called SuperJam.

Fraser received cash of $ 1.2 million from his grandmother, and also set the company up for sale grocery products. From year to year, through the study of their weak points SuperJam steadily ramp up distribution in Scotland, with its shops 2,000, including expansion to overseas markets.

4) Nick D'Aloisio, 18

Just at age 18, Nick D'Aloisio has become a young entrepreneur and millionaire in England. At age of 17, He can earn up to $ 30 million by selling computer software.

Nick D'Aloisio has received capital of 300 thousand dollars from Asia's 1st billionaire Li Ka-Shing when he was just 15 for a high tech company, because he has the ability to create a computer program (computer program) and App since 12. Later, Yahoo company has been acquired for $ 30 million and offered positions to work in the company until now.

5) Jordan Maron, 22 

Jordan Maron was considered a very famous person on YouTube or "YouTube star" and a potential millionaire of the United States who can earn millions of dollars.

At age 18, Maron created his own YouTube channel, called Captain Sparklez. Post a famous program focuses on video games (Call of Duty), which has a multitude of players. Maron later expanded its business by collaborating with various media to earn approximately $ 8.2 million per year.

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