Top 7 the best building architecture​​​ in the world 2015

Design Museum of London (London's Design Museum) shows the best architecture in an exhibition that held up today in this year .Based on the report, compiled its files the museum showed that there are 7 best architecture as following:

1) Britain's Philharmonic Hall 
The building was built in the British city of Liverpool. It is a conference hall for concerts and other ceremony, which was put into service since 1849, has been been destroyed In 1933, before being rebuilt in 1939.

Image source: marksykesphotography
2) Vo Trong Nghia Architects' House 
The building is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Feature of this building is that it was built with the natural beauty on the roof of the building with a model to create a green city in the future.

Image source: domusweb
3) Wendell Burnette Architects 
Wendell Burnette building located in Scottsdale, Arizona, which was built in the desert region of the state. It is building a strong and innovative high in the 21st century.

Image source: wendellburnettearchitects
 4) Temple Sancakler Mosque 
Temple Sancakler Mosque was design by architect Emre Arolat. It was built to embed the outskirts of Istanbul, Turkey, which seems calm, nothing happens.
Image source: divisare
5) Markthal 
Markthal more modern compared to other buildings above, given that it was built mixed innovative supermarket. Thanks to architect Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam, who built the building in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Image source: bd
6) Fondation Louis Vuitton 
Building in Paris Fondation Louis Vuitton show off the uniqueness of it through the roof and wall panel unique never seen on this world.

Image source: Businessinsider
7) Innovation Center UC Innovation Center
 For the last UC Innovation Center has been considered as the best architecture in the modern era. Located in the city of Santiago, Chile, it's solid construction floating manipulation unique among the other buildings in the country.


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