Top 8 the greatest future skyscrapers construction projects in the world

In 2015, many candidates have filed compensation Compete skyscrapers in the future, hosted by the magazine eVolo Magazine. The competition is scheduled for 3 who won by a team ranked 1st from Poland ranked 2nd from India and 3 from Russia.

Below is a high-rise and great building projects that they are the dream of Architect:

1) Essence Skyscraper building projects
The building project is ranked No. 1 and was organized by the candidates from Poland. This project has been specially designed and most attractive natural highlight aspects of 11 different types, such as wild fish tank and many other natural places in a high building. The magic that makes people want to visit and work well with the natural places like this.

2) Building project Shanty-Scraper
The building has been ranked No. 2 in the competition, which is organized by the candidate from India. The building is a place for work and for leisure.

3) Building project Cybertopia
It is a project organized by the Russians. The building has a great feature because it is equipped with the most high-tech look lovely to watch.

4) Tower of Refuge
Although the project is not ranked, but it is also regarded as a great project. This building project organized by the Chinese with nice women manipulation.

5) Air Monument

The project was organized by the Chinese as well. The building was created by experts like most attracted to the study of climate change. 
6) Vertical Factories
Vertical Factories are special buildings may be built in New York City with features not spend a great location to build because it was built at the top at the bottom.

7) Noah Oasis
Feature of this building is that old oil wells to processing natural green buildings that are growing on it and could be the location for the homes of people in the future.

8) Pyramid Bio-Pyramid
According to design this building is that it can be built to protect the environment and nervous around the pyramid degradation due to climate change, such as the prevention of sand.


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