Top 9 the best reasons Cambodia become very popular tourist destination

From year to year, Cambodia has received international tourists visiting more and more. There are many attraction places where they have gone to, such as temples in Siem Reap, beaches, resorts including exploring the cultural life of Khmer people.

Gate of Angkor Thom: saromguide

There are 9 things we found which are Cambodia's attractiveness for foreign tourists to visit:

1) Easy to come and visit

If tourists spent traveling from Europe to stay and visit in Bangkok, and Cambodia is the next plan as a tourist destination for international visitors traveling to the territory of Wonder is rich in natural resources and cultural heritage . The long journey which lasted from 8 to 9 hours from Bang Kok by overland, and ticket costs about 20 euros. Another option, travelers can fly from Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur to Siem Reap directly.

2) Visit Angkor Wat
To visit the great temples is the main reason to travel to Cambodia. This temple is the capital of the Khmer Empire from the 9th century to the 15th century surrounded by woods. It is a good place for watching the sunset at Bak Kheng temple and the place for watching sunrise at Angkor temple

Source: UNESCO
3) Easy to transport 

Road trip from the provinces to be better connected slowly so tourists can travel on the road even it is long distances by bus with the lowest price or a little higher, it is depending on their preferences and possibilities.

4) Good food sold swiftly and everywhere 
There are many delicious street foods  that tourist enjoyed to taste them. Still, there are many other strange food in remote areas such as spiders. Fresh fruit juice, such as delicious coconut water, sugarcane juice can easily find with only $ 1. The street food is cheapest, you can find with cost only $ 1.

Image source: triptargets
5) Friendly people 
Tourists often been named Cambodia as the land of smiles because the Khmer are friendly with foreign tourists. A lot of tourists said when they are in Cambodia they felt their home because of welcomes and friendly from Khmer people  and tourists will be able to remember the memories of long-term smile. This feature is an excellent opportunity for photographers.

6) Get new experience 
Most Khmer people do farming to earn for life. About 75 percent still grow corn, rice and vegetables. When leaving the city or town visitors will see the rural landscape where most people live in houses built of wood. Such experiences may be different in other countries.

7) Beautiful white sand beaches 

If tourists looking for a quiet place to relax and do sunbathing without going to major or big resort beaches in Cambodia are the best for tourists to do so. There are many beaches in Cambodia such as beaches in Kep town, beaches in Sihanoukville,  Koh Rong Island... 

 O'cheur Teal Beach Sihanoukville Photo source: nationalgeographic 

8) Safety 
Cambodia can be considered as a safer country compared to other countries. In the city, visitors can stay alone and had a chance to know other people from elsewhere. In the hotels, restaurants or other entertainment venues. If traveling alone for the first time is a great experience for visitors.

 Image source: nationalgeographic 

9) Low cost of traveling around
If the above-mentioned reason not is enough for tourists to visit Cambodia, this reason perhaps make tourists change your mind, it is the lowest cost expenses. The tour in the country, you do not need to save money for many years, because of all the costs are low. Visitors can rent rooms cost $ 10 to $ 15 per night. Also, thrust houses at the sea side, you can spend only $ 5 per night. The street foods just $ 1 to $ 3. So a day you can spend only $ 20 only that can make you very happy.

Image source: impresstravel

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