1 thing tourist have to know- Travel tip to street foods in Cambodia

Cambodia actually is one of travel destinations in Asia. Because its richly natural and cultural treasures. There are many attraction places and things to do in Cambodia such as visiting Angkor Wat site, beaches, natural resorts, nightlife.....

Moreover, tourist also can experience local stuffs, such as lifestyle of Khmer people, trying cheap local foods....

 Local food store at the market in Stung Treng market

As what you guys would like to experience things while being in Cambodia, I would like to tell you guys one thing you must know, especially with experiencing local Khmer food at the market.

Here it is:

Do not sit long time when you have street meal at any small food canteens 

I believe tourist who come from the Western or European, they always enjoy things in Cambodia and as well they never forgot their culture especially when eating. I saw most of tourists, they spend culturally very long time for having meal, eating and talking....

This behavior, actually, it is never mind if you guys are in restaurants, but if you want to experience street food canteens at the normal market, you properly must change.

Khmer people are friendly, but usually are not confronted people. I sometimes saw some troubles about this happened at the market with tourists who spent long time eating at the market canteen.

What were the problems?

Most of street foods sellers feel not so welcome white tourists to their food store, actually it is not meant they hate tourists, but they do not want them to sit long time at their table.

Street food canteens at the market are usually for selling local foods to local people in cheaper price from restaurants. Mostly they are set up at opened space somewhere at the market. There are not so many tables are set up for each canteens that eater can sit and eat meal.

The matter is that, if you eat and sit for long time at their table, they will miss many local eaters and they properly loose money because they have no places for other eaters when you sit long time.

And because of silent culture, they dare not go to you and say, please we need table for other eaters, mostly they just keep their madness in their mind, and unhappy with you! and next time tourist is not their choice to welcome.

So I think if you travel to Cambodia, you can help to solve that problem just by realizing yourself that do not need to sit long time when you would like to experience local foods at food canteens at anywhere of the market in Cambodia.

May you guys enjoy your time in Cambodia!

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