10 the best destinations for honeymoon travel

1. The island of Tahiti: Tahiti has become a famous tourist destination. Because there are interesting cultural and diverse food for the newly married couple to receive a sweet  
2. Bali: another great goal that couples want to honeymoon should consider Bali. Bali is located in Indonesia. In Bali, you'll get to enjoy the performing arts of dance with beautiful impressive traditional diving to depths of music, painting and sculpture.

3. Brazil: You'll really love Brazil. You will also get to enjoy a variety of coastal forests and wildlife and its beauty. Brazil also has a very interesting nightlife with people who are friendly.
4. Borneo: Borneo is a beautiful location in the sea in Southeast Asia. You will get a natural enthusiasm and never seen before. You will get to see the proboscis monkeys, elephants, leopards, Asian Cloud Leopard and other animal life in the woods. You can also get to visit the coast, with the best facilities.  
5. Mauritius: Mauritius is an island located on the eastern coast of Africa. In Mauritius, you can get to enjoy a quiet and romantic honeymoon with your partner. 
6. Fiji: Fiji Islands, an island famous for your honeymoon location. You can walk through the coastal rainforest or enjoy the magical experience with your partner.

7. Greece: Greece is the perfect romantic place for newly married couples. Greece's magnificent scenery with cold weather for the new couple with a rich history and a lot during your honeymoon.
8. Caribbean: Caribbean archipelago's fascinating, including the Bahamas, St Lucia, Curacao, Dominican and Jamaica all this will make your time honey Caribbean Introduction priests.
9. Bermuda: Bermuda honey moon is another beautiful destination. Bermuda in the north of the Caribbean region and features a beautiful island and calm.
10. Cyprus: Another place that's worth for your honeymoon is an island in the Mediterranean, which is also known as the island of Aphrodite. It was a perfect honeymoon destination for romantic couples.

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