10 different buildings left from the Soviet Union (Russia)

In the mid-20th century architecture, not so much on growth around the world, particularly in the former country Communist regimes in Europe and Central Asia.However, through the following 10 pictures in contemporary architecture, especially of the territory of the former communist countries of the Soviet.

The attraction is not unexpected.

1) Revolution Palace building in Croatia (former Yugoslavia), a sculpture dedicated to the people Moslavina during the 2nd World War.

2) Georgia building, the former home minister of the current road construction has become the country's central bank building.

3) Building a giant UFO flying disk of the Bulgarian Communist Party, is on top of the mountain Buzludzha.

4) Hotel Forum Hotel in Krakow, Poland, the architecture of the communist regime in the early 1970s

5) Makedonium memorial monument built in 1970 to commemorate a rebellion against the control of the Ottoman regime in the early 1900s

6) Circus in Chisinau Moldova, built in 1981, is currently abandoned entirely.

7) Resort in Ukraine, which is a combination of two architectural in the ex-Soviet state, which looks like UFO

8) Radio station in Bratislava, Slovakia spent 16 years in construction.

9) Scientific and Technical Center building in robot maker St. Petersburg Russia has a temple-like Satanist.

10) Another memorial monument was built in Bosnia by a sculptor from Croatia as a symbol departure from the dark era.

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