4 tips to help you have a great belly naturally

I believe that all people desire to have a flat belly not fat, especially for women, it can make them .more attractive and beautiful.

So, below are the tips that can help you to get your desire:

1- Breakfast 
It may cause a lot of bad influences, if you do not try to lose weight, but the study said that eating breakfast an hour later after waking up to make insulin level ready to help reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood. 
  • Eat breakfast every day. If you want to sleep longer on the weekends eating as fast when waking from sleep. 
  • Choose foods rich in protein and high in fiber (fresh eggs, fruit and vegetables), because it will help digestion lasts longer than other foods .
  • Avoid eating sweet cakes, like cake.

2- Relieve stress 

Research has confirmed that the release of cortisol (a hormone that the body releases when stressed) to increase abdominal fat. Some methods to relieve stress include:
  •  Enough sleep: Most adults need at least 7 hours of sleep every night. 
  • Time to rest: even if you only have time for 15 minutes to eat lunch, should take the time to close your eyes, breathe deeply and to forget what makes you another worry.

3- Walking 10,000 steps a day

 One study said that when a man cut from 10,000 to 10.500 steps (no change in diet), fat in the abdomen (belly fat) will increase up to 7 percent after 2 weeks.
  •  Do try to increase the pace of your walk on a daily basis
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator and walking instead of driving 
  • Let stand and walk 30 steps every 30 minutes. If you have a job that require you to sit a lot, do not forget to go on the run.

4- Drinking plenty of water 

The study revealed that eating a lot of water during the day can help boost metabolism. Eating more water also helps the body filter toxins and improve overall health. 
  • Keep drinking 8 glasses of water a day, every day 
  • bottled water every time you feel thirsty 
  • Reduce alcohol and sugar-sweetened beverages.

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