5 places in Phnom Penh, where most of tourists have never missed visiting!

Phnom Penh is a central heart of Cambodia. It is also a city that gathering different sectors to be part of developing Cambodia such as Economy, Industry..., particularly tourism sector that is one of many sectors in Cambodia where have been provided income to Cambodian people to increasing their lifestyle.

Moreover, there are also many tourist centers where they can go and visit in Phnom Penh, comparing to other places in the provinces of Cambodia.

Bellow are the 6 places when tourist visited Phnom Penh that they never missed, and these mostly they always do it before visiting anything else in Cambodia.

Here they are:

1- The Royal Palace where the King living there. There tourist can sightseeing around the Royal palace compound.


2- Independent Monument 
It was built during Sangkum Reasniyum era of the King Sihanouk. It was a great masterpiece of King Sihanouk and a great symbol of completely freedom from French colonialism.


3- National Museum
It is a place to store the best ancient national treasures such as statues, utilities material, jewelry, ancient objects....


4- Wat Phnom resort
It was a place of Phnom Doun Penh birth in 1372 by old lady named Penh. The population had grown after King Ponnhea Yath located the main city in Phnom Penh in 1434.


5- Toul Sleng and Chheng Ek museum (Killing field)
They are genocide museum that was under Khmer rouge (Pol Pot) regime. They were places to detain, torture, and kill innocent people during that time.



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