7 the attractive National Park of Cambodia- State planed to expand more National Park 2015-2016

National Parks are the larger plot of land where are rich of natural treasures such as mountain, forest, waterfalls, wild animal...that the government approved to conservation and caring of the natural resources.

Most of the National Parks now have become popular places for tourism field and attracting a lot of local and international tourists to go and visit and they had great times from those place.

Recently, this year, The head of the government have talked and found a new strategies to develop and expand more National Parks around Cambodia as well Seaside National Park too in order to attract more tourists to come to Cambodia.

 Bellow are the 7 Cambodia National Parks where have been attractive a lot tourists to Cambodia:

1- Soram Riddh Kosamah Kirirom National Park

                                              source:  www.terrafirmatourist.com

It is located in Kampong Speu province. It take about 177 km from Phnom Penh. It is a mountainous National Park and also there is a resort at the hill of Kirirom mountain. You can travel up at the top of the mountain that is high about 700 meter. At the top there is a waterfalls and a place to relax  and also guesthouse you can stay at night too.

2- Botum Sakor National Park 

source: www.4to40.com

Botum Sakor National Park is the biggest national park of Cambodia. Situated on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand in Koh Kong province, Botum Sakor is a peninsula projecting southwest from the Cardamom Mountains

It has very rich and varies wild animals, birds that is unique in the world. want detail just go to Wikipedia 
3- Monivong Bokor National Park

 source: www.lonelyplanet.com
It is located in Kampot province. Preah Monivong National Park is a national park in southern Cambodia. The main attraction of the park is Bokor Hill Station. The park is one of only two Cambodian ASEAN Heritage Parks. It is also known as Phnom Bokor National Park and Bokor National Park.Wikipedia

At the top you can find Casino building, waterfalls and sightseeing with natural scenery. Now the road access to the top is pretty good.

4- Keb National Park

source: www.smarttourtravel.com

It is located in Kep province. Kep National Park is a national park of Cambodia in the Kep region of Cambodia. Established in 1993, it covers an area of 50 km². The nearest town lies at Krong Kep. Wikipedia

5- Preah Sihanouk Ream National Park

 source: www.explorer-cambodia.com
It is located in Sihanouk ville. It is officially called Preah Sihanouk ville National Park and it became known as "Ream" because it is located in Ream commune of Sihanouk ville.  

6- Kulen Mountain National Park


 It is located in Siem Reap province. Kulen is considered by Khmers to be the most sacred mountain in Cambodia and it is a popular place for domestic visitors during weekends and festivals. The hill is used as the ancient capital city II in AD 802 to declared himself as god king and announced independence from Java, then giving birth to present day Cambodia.
On the hilltop there are 56 Angkorian temples made of bricks and volcanic stones, but most of them are badly in poor condition, today name Hahendrapura, founded in the reign of King Jayavarman temple base only is remain intact.

7- Vireak chey National Park


It is located in Stung Treng and Ratanakiri province border. Virachey National Park, located in Ratanakiri Province, is part of one of the largest protected forest in Asia. Consisting of forests, mountains, grasslands and valleys, Virachey is largely unexplored and undisturbed by human settlement. From Tigers to Elephants, the park is home to numerous species of wildlife. Hill Tribe villages can be found in remote areas around the fringes of the park. The remains of the Ho Chi Minh Trail run through the eastern edge of the park.

A number of mountain streams flow out from the park. The trek into the center of the park involves a multi-day journey and reaches Veal Thom, a large natural grassland.

Note: All of these Park are good for trekking, biking and wildlife adventure exploring....

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