7 the modernest smartphone in the world 2015

Since the top two flagship models of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge appeared already to customers who prefer to use modern smartphone were interested in its properties and features. However, the iPhone 6/6 Plus still has a strong position in the current market.  

You can predict that after GS6 and GS6 Edge launches official and whether which models that ranked as the best smartphone?

7) Moto X (US $ 500)


Moto X is Motorola's new series that have been announced since September, with high qualifications. It is classified as the best Android smartphones in market competitiveness. Moto X design with a beautiful, stylish features associated with a 5.2-inch screen size.

6) HTC One M9 (US $ 650)


HTC One M9 is the latest high-quality cameras and stylish design comes with execution speed than previous generations . One M9 is also considered as the best Android smartphone.

5) Galaxy Note 4 ($ 750 value)
Note 4 has been considered as the best Android tablet dock which comes with a 5.7-inch screen enclosed frame design made of wrinkle-resistant metals.

4) Galaxy S6 Edge ($ 750 value)


GS6 Edge is a smartphone equipped with Samsung's advanced display technology portfolio continues from Galaxy S6. New features that do not yet have any smartphones like, the Galaxy S6 Edge comes with Double Oblique curved sides that can show hours Although users are locked (lock screen).

3) Galaxy S6 (about $ 649)


It is today the best Android smartphone that you can buy to use civilized. Galaxy S6 is the first smartphone from Samsung, which are made of metal and the design laid down by the transparent glass. This 6th-generation Galaxy S smartphone is capable camera and high-resolution screen and faster processor than the previous generation GS.

2) iPhone 6 (US $ 649)


If you do not want a big screen tablet dock iPhone 6 may be the best option for the buyer. Unless you want to use Android or Windows Phone Otherwise iPhone 6 is a better option. 

1) iPhone 6 Plus ($ 749 value)

iPhone 6 Plus is the best smartphone that most people want to use, and some are also acceptable experience about the rich functionality of smartphone iOS too. Flagship 5.5-inch screen is Apple equipped properties in high energy also comes with longer battery life than the previous generation iPhone. iPhone 6 Plus is a new weapon that Apple can be used for other market competitive tablet today.

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