7 the most beautiful island of Cambodia-becoming world famous!

According to the agency news CNN showed that even though the island in Cambodia, no much development compared to the border neighboring of Thailand, but Cambodia has started to pay attention on transforming them so that these islands can be the most beautiful island for a tourist attraction in the world. Here are the 7 beautiful islands:

1. The best island for party: Koh Rong

Although Koh Rong is still no development surprisingly, but at least it can be the same attraction to some of Thailand's island. The other guests who visited this place can get entertainment, feeling like feasting, enjoy the great music, which have provided the DJ to play the song, and even offer beer for free, especially visitors can walk through the jungle for joy along the coast of the island.

2. The best island for relaxing: Island Sangleum

It is a popular island for foreigners who stay in Phnom Penh like to stay relaxed on the end of the week, because there was very quiet with a good atmosphere, especially guests can dive play.

3. Luxury island: girlfriend (Sangsaa island)

Name of this island is interesting, especially for those who have a couple harmoniously should go to visit there because it is one of the most beautiful, elegant and modern compared to many islands today in Cambodia.

4. Best island for seeing the natural
beauty : a new island

It is located in the Ream National Park. New Island is a shelter of some animals, such as monkeys inquisitive species, reptiles, birds and more than 100 species that live near water sources and the mangrove forest. Guests can visit here to visit the wildlife and walking along the beach.

5. Green island with natural beauty: Takeav Islands

Islands coastal Takeav is isolated islands among other islands of Cambodia. Guests who visit there might be expected to get permission from the owner of beer factory to see how the refined and beer, as well as get a taste of wine, which just newly produced.

6. The best island for bathing water: Tang island

An island with lush and blue scenery, along with coral reefs and sea creatures, which is located below the surface of the water and also a popular place for diving.

7. Totang Island

A beautiful place where guests can visit here to eliminate a sad feeling, hopeless, depression and turn out to have fun, enjoy the beautiful scenery as well as a good atmosphere there.

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