7 tips to use iPhone for taking a better and innovative photos

Many people today love taking photos by using smartphone, but they were probably not yet aware great photographic techniques yet. Photographers expert, Lorenz Holder will make a presentation of innovative tricks of 7 tips on the iPhone 5S and you can also be used on other smartphones as well. 

1) Camera Panorama Sequence function

Special techniques can make you pull out the photo size photos by photographer sheets from a single camera to a photo A wide sheets (wide format).

2) Function Pano Drive-By


Panorama function is commonly used for photos in a profile view Ambient targeted center of the style, but you also be able to function while creative process.
3) Zoom Lens


iPhone has no optical zoom, although they can digitally zoom  by clicking sphincter (pinching) on ​​the camera (Camera app), but the quality Photos mediocre. If you want to click the Zoom-In to shoot long-range, you can use binoculars Zoom Lens picture to expand and maintain quality
4) Microso Lens


iPhone camera also has other techniques can give you beautiful photos. Normally, when a photographer put the camera closer to the object, the photos of its will be more blur. Expert photographers used Micro lens to reduce the distance to even come closer to recording a small object, such as insects. You can also use a similar method, without the need to spend money buying a macro lens, using a drop of water drops from the iPhone's lens can also shoot.

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5) Reflector


Accompanied by photos or graph paper, light refraction to add beautiful photo quality.

6) creative use of cardboard pedestals Tripod & Shutter Cable for easy portrait photography


They can also innovate cardboard pedestals to be iPhone stand, it make easy to take a portrait photography as well, and it is easier, you can click by using headphones, and click on the button sound volume, to be photographed.

7) Photographic techniques in surface water


The easiest, you can use the transparent glass mirror in photography under the water surface with innovation. iPhone's camera down into the glass and then taken into floating glass sink half a glass.

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