8 factors making Cambodia to be heaven places for retired people in 2015

Internationalliving magazine showed the index score of 25, which is considered a haven for relaxation of retirement people when they reach the age of retired in 2015.

A city of Ecuador 

According to the index, which was released that Ecuador ranks the first where the majority of retired people want to stay there because Climatic factors and conditions were easier than others.  

The country is ranked No. 2 while Mexico and Malaysia are ranked 3rd and 4th.If the score of the same index in Southeast Asia, Malaysia has stood on the top spot, followed by Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam, etc. Among the 25 countries, which is a haven for retirees.

internationalliving magazine ranked according to the 8 factors that making Cambodia to be ranked:

1- The cost of leasing real estate 
2- The cost of rental accommodation 
3- Easy to interacting with the people, 
4- Entertainment services
5- Health care services
6- Infrastructure 
7- Climatic factors. and
8- Foods

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