How to keep your help fit with tomato consumption

Recently I read an article from a website called besthealthmag, It was incredible about the usefulness of tomato for health. We usually were advised to eat the green leafy veggies, but here is about the red or yellow tomato that is also very important for our health.

Tomato is one of many vegetables that we can find it easily in our daily life. To have it just go to the market and you can get as many as you want. So, to use it for our health, it is not hard for us.

Here are the usefulness from tomato for health

1) Increase lycopene, which can against cancer 
In tomatoes contain elements against oxidation (antioxidant) and lycopene, which may help protect the body immune system and kill variety of free radicals that affect cells and damage DNA. So to get the lycopene picking tomatoes with red color.

2) To help maintain heart health 

Red ripe tomato fruit is rich in vitamin C, which can help reduce heart disease. In addition, tomatoes contain salicylates higher against the freeze in the blood vessels.
3) To help manage asthma 

Studies in Australia have found that adequate intake of lycopene and vitamin A as effective exercise to reduce asthma problems.

4) To help feed your bones 

Tomatoes also contain vitamin K, which is very important to prevent blood clots and help strong bones. According to research of the University of Boston University found that vitamin K may help prevent arthritis and knee problems.

5) Increase the vitamin A 

Vitamin A in tomatoes has helped a lot to the health of the body, such as skin, bones, teeth, hair, and so on. 250 ml can of tomato juice enough vitamin A for a day for women.

6) To help improve sexual health for men 

According to research by Italian researchers said that tomatoes are rich in Lyposene which is an advantage for strengthening sex health, especially prevent prostate strong from diseases that affect the reproductive system.

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