How to make your morning habits become fresh and healthy in 6 simple ways

I have read some article and research about health, I found out our right habit in the morning is one of many formulas that can improve our health.

It is awesome to learn from those posts and I also started to practice for myself lifestyle. To keep myself fit is one thing I have to do it everyday in my life.

To be healthy is not easy way, if we don't make our an efforts we won't get it. Sometimes, we like reading the healthy articles from health books, or on the internet, but in contrary, we won't do it, this is the problem.

Here below the simple ways that I found and learnt from some those posts and research and I put together as 6 points.

1. Sex 
Sex in the morning is the best action that can help your feel fresh and strong.

2. Meditation 

The early morning meditation is considered as a good exercise for the brain, which can help relieve stress.

3. Adding protein diet breakfast 

Your breakfast diet should choose foods that are high protein, such as eggs, chicken and green vegetables, and so it's good for health.

4. Exercise 

Regular exercise is very important for your physical and emotional health.

5. Listen to favorite music 

According to the study said  listening to the music in early morning can help make you feel good.

6. Wakes up quickly

 The further study revealed that the habit of waking up right and early in the morning will not only make you feel happy, but also have health benefits.

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