How to protect eyestrain from computer in 4 simple ways

In this modern technological era demands that everyone knows how to use computers and some English​​​​ in order to compete for the job.But for jobs that are related to the use of such a computer, it is affecting users such as: eye problem, sore back or waist. 

On this article we focused on eyestrain and how can we avoid eyestrain? Here are the 4 simple ways you need to do:

1. Do not look at the computer too much
Major issues related to the use of computers because your eyes do not rest enough. In general, within 1 hour, your eyes need to rest at least 5 minutes. For the rest of your eyes, not to see the video or play social medias, meaning that if do this, your eyes still did not break.

2. Avoid sitting too close to computer screen
For the behavior to sit must be properly, you have to sit at least 70 cm distance from your screen.

3. Light of a computer screen is not enough

if you use a computer where there is not enough light and the screen brightness it affect your eyes, so let's find out where there is light enough to fit in line with the screen brightness.

4. Wearing incorrect glasses 
If the experts tell you to wear glasses, listen immediately so that it doesn't become bigger problems to your eye. Another problem is a number of people who wear glasses do not have to meet experts this is also a problem.

Note: Must protect your children from watching too closed to the computer screen or and any screen devices. These can cause them bad to the eyes.

Here bellow are the model of how you can do while using computer


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  2. Computer eyestrain is the number one office-related health complaint in the U.S., with some 60 million Americans suffering from computer eyestrain according to the American Optometric Association. More hints


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