How to raise your children to be bilingual languages in 3 simple ways

Raising children to grow up to be bilingual languages is a pride of parents, especially English language and what a lot of parents are not English native desire.

To me, I am not English native parents, but what I have done with my boy now, is a very happy experience.

My 3 and half years old son, he now can understand and speak in English, and as well I have friends their children are growing the same way.

 Eli 3 and half (at the left) and Sasda 2 and half, who has spoken Khmer and English

Even, the way he pronounced is not the right accent of the native, we are still delighted, because it is the basic for them in the future.

But this, must require the parents who can speak English as well. If one of you can speak English, you must choose one to speak only English and another speak only your own language, this will help as well.

So, here are the 3 simple ways that my wife and I have helped him so far:

1- Started speaking with him in English since he is in the womb
I started to use English language with my son since he was 3 month-infant in the womb. We decided this way, we believe that he already has sense to acknowledge the voice.

2- 80% speaking English at home
Using most of English at home, it has helped my son to adapt the language fast and we also use different strategy, I can speak English and my wife speak in our language to our son.

If you have a group of foreign children who just the same age while they started speaking, put him in that group.

Do not worry much about your children to struggle in our own language, because when they spend time around with local friends or at school they will automatically adapt it.

3- Let him watch only movies or cartoon in English
This can also develop my son to be bilingual languages person. So, we always find English movies when it is time for his movies time.

Note: you must set time for your children to watch movies, if they watch to much, it can effect on your child's health and behavior.

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