How to relax yourself when being tired from visiting around temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia

From year to year, the tourism ministry of Cambodia has reported that the number of tourists in Cambodia have been increased, especially in Siem Reap, Angkor because of its great temples settled in this land.

Most of tourist came to Siem Reap, the purpose are to see the wonderful ancient temples that left from Cambodian ancestors.

While visiting those temples you properly have to spend long time to walk around so that you can see many temples and you surely will get tired.

I used to visit Siem Reap and walk around to see temples in one day. I was really tired and my legs became weak and hurt. So, during this my feeling became not much enjoyable to the wonderful ancients thing anymore, and I just wanted to rest and relax.

I think maybe it will be the same to you somehow. So, I have a tip that can help you not being lost your interest during your visit temples in Siem Reap and it can also provide you more experiences in your time of relaxing and resting.

While you start feeling tired, closed to Angkor Thom temple, there is a boat service that provide a great time for you to relax by just go on the boat around of Om river.
When you are on that boat, you can experience and feel like it was in the past of a glorious ancient era that you have never experienced in the past.

When you are on the boat trips along the river Om, you can see the South gate wall of the temple, the north side to the west side. You can also watch the sunset view on Bakheng mountain.

When boating Om River, you will see the beautiful scenery of forest, birds and the sound of the waves of the water hit cliffs form as natural eloquence obsessed music and make your feeling floating like you're in the real ancient

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