How to use Google Maps on your smartphone or tablet without internet access or offline

Usually, if we would like to use Google Maps on smartphones it requires the internet access. Google Maps has given easy for life to people who want to explore the world maps.

Recently I just knew a way to use Google Maps on smartphone without the internet access from a website, So I would like to share summarily this to you may never knew this.

Hope this will make you more enjoyable in using Google maps

1) First, download the Maps app, then search for a location, for example, "Phnom Penh" or zoom to a specific location where you want to save and review when is offline or click the box location at the bottom of the screen.

2) At the top of the right and you will see a three dots. Click on that symbol, you will see the option to save offline map.

3) Google maps application will require you to put the name of offline map location where you want to save.

4) You can then browse the map that you save by clicking into "Your places"


5) You will see a map which can already save then selected locations that want to re-watch, even offline.


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