The fact about corn or maize- 4 benefits from corn or maize for health

Here another fruit that can be a great benefit to human health. Corn have been clearly known for people living on this earth.

I love corn, especially sweet corn. I believe a lot people as well love corn, but properly do not know about its facts, yes, I do.

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Now, after reading about corn, I started to realize that corn has very great benefits for improving our health.

Below are the 4 benefits of corn that I found:

1- Corn provide energy to our body  
Carbohydrates in corn is very important for the mind and physical health. Especially for athletes eat corn every day can help provide energy to the body.

2- Increase or enhance our immune system
Rich in protein, corn can help repair damaged cells and help muscles and a strong immune system.

3- Improve our health
Corn contains fat, which can help you to have better health if you eat it every day.

4- Facilitate defecation
Studies show that in corn fiber can facilitate defecation and blood sugar levels, especially also help reduce the risk of cholesterol levels from rising higher.

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