What are the facts behind​ the heat wave 2015

While I'm writing this article it is the same time of heat wave in India that caused nearly 2000 people dead and this heat wave still keep going.

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This is one of tragedies among humans being after big one in Nepal. While this happened in India, Cambodia is also noticeable about the climate as well. The heat is not going up to 50 degree C or 51 degree C, but it is also very hot in around Cambodia.

The rainy season have been prolonged so far now in Cambodia, that make everywhere become hot and dry up. The temperature is almost 37-39 degree C here.

People started to complain and it is hard to spend life on earth. Even at night time, I could not sleep well. We used fans at our home during sleeping at night, When I woke up at the midnight, I knew my body is sweated.

If we look at the world today, we can see big change to the climate and natural disasters that have happened more and more yearly.

Now I just wonder myself that how many year ahead that the earth can be stable to support human lives? The world have been broken!

What are the facts behind of this situation (heat wave) on the earth? We all together are responsible for taking care of our world.

When I am so hot and feel not comfortable with and hard time to the temperature now in my country,  I'm starting to think about how hard  and suffering that Indian people are facing now. Praying that this situation is going to be find very soon, that can save precious lives.

And hope through all these disasters, people who has worked that involving natural resources destruction will realize about what they have done to the earth, people who have a lot money will not waste just for their own, but they will help people in danger and hanger. And all people who are living on the earth will join together for our better world.

We all can't restore the world because we are not the one who created it, but we can be part to extend a better world to live.  

Thanks for reading! I love my world

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