Ultimate flyboard experience- a new thing in Sihanouk ville beach (Otres Beach) 2015

The beach of Cambodia, especially beach in Sihanouk ville is one of very potential places to attract tourists to come and visit Cambodia. So developing and putting new things is very important that can attract more tourists to come.

Recently, at Otrech beach there is a new thing equipment. This we can see that it is a new idea that can attract more tourist.

A new entertainment equipment called fly board was equipped at the Otres beach of Cambodia that can allow people ride on water surface. It is the first new index and the most modern in the entertainment area at Otres Beach in Sihanoukville.
This is a luxurious cruise on the water and the greatest present at Otres Beach which can attract tourists to visit this beach more in the future.

This device has been invested by the Khmer and French to be able to get apopularity and brought national and foreign tourists more entertainment in the area of Otres Beach. For visitors who wish to test ride with this devices fly board, can go to the Otres beach. It is cost $ 50 in 15Minutes.

 Watch Video here!

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