10 bad habits of most users who can kill your computer fast

PC is a very close friend for the moment as it helps us a lot of benefits and can sometimes cause us to use it beyond the limits and did not care, it may well lead to it soon damage like we killed it sips unconsciously.

Here are the 10 bad habits of the majority of consumers who can kill your computer:

1. Remove the USB flash out without the correct eject click: 
Some people have the habit to withdraw or Flash USB cable from the computer immediately, not disabled it. So it will be exposed to the USB Driver, and sometimes when it is running, it will cause damage can not open the file.

2. forgotten or do not want to update the software:
For who are using Windows 8 / 8.1, please enable Auto Update to get the latest online updates. This updated version, it does not benefit you will get the new functionality solutions and it also helps our computer safe. It is different from the phone before the update is something we need to think clearly.

3. Place the computer on a soft mattress or:
When you leave the laptop on a mattress or pillow, it will prevent air pockets of the computers that make up the heat. At that time, the computer fan and try to blow more to reduce heat and very soon we will actually damage the computer.

4. Toggle computer (reboot or restart): 
You should shut down your computer at least twice a day is not just Sleep or off the screen. When we turn on the computer, it will help computers run faster and help to relax. 5. When the water spilled on the computer to leave it unattended, regardless If you spill water on it to meet as soon as possible before it makes your computer corruption.

6. Do not care about the process
Mouse scroll bar below> Right click (right click)> Task Manager and check whether any slot or use the most CPU. Please do this when you feel that your computer slow or crashed for some unknown reason easier to close them down.

7. Eating while using the computer: 
Most people have a habit of eating snacks and computing at the same time, but you never know that the rubble snacks can fall into the eye of the keyboard stuck speechless If fluid can spill on the other parts.

8. Open too many Tab in Firefox or Chrome 
Some users have a habit Tab websites on Firefox, Chrome, Safari .. it will make you spend a lot of RAM and can run. If the Tab, it is not important, please disable it or be able to view later.

9. Save important files elsewhere 
Are there any important files in your computer? Information? Vital? For example, that your computer suddenly damaged or stolen computer, what would you do?You should have a hard disk for storage of important documents or data on the air with Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive and so high that it is safe and free.

10. Charge 24 hours per week 
At full charge, and unplug chargers and then try again. To do so in order to prevent rocks falling energy can not be used for a long time. Or you can also plug the plug into the computer and remove the battery we use electricity instead of using batteries.

10 points above are important for keeping your Computer for a long-term stability.

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