10 the most amazing electronic materials in the world 2015

10) Modern recording pen 
Livescribe Echo Smartpen will make you feel no more afraid of taking notes while listening to teacher explanation because it has voice recording function. This feature not only pen can record audio only, and can record what you write and draw.

Livescribe pen can record 2 hours or can write letters in 32000 pages. The pen device is most suitable for students to work on easier note, verbal explanation even though the explanation is fast.

9) Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard K480 models 
It can be used with electronic devices, and can connect with smartphones and computers.

8) Subwoofer (speaker) iLuv SyrenPro model 
It comes with a strong sound system that is about 360 degrees and is suitable for outdoor using. iLuv SyrenPro Bluetooth speaker that can be used with the iPhone, iPad and other electronic devices.

7) Charging device Cobra JumPak brand 
It is capable of not only charging the phone, but also can take the battery to the ignition or tonic car access.

6) functional iPhone case Mophie Space Pack batteries and memory up to 32GB easier for users to upload files on the phone for bigger space and the increasing age of the battery.

5) Delorme inReach Explorer 
It has a special function that can be regarded as a remote access tool. It is needed in conjunction with its flagship network to create a system (Network), however, The device is equipped with GPS systems easy fearless dementia.

4) The power plug Finsix Dart 
It is especially true embedded charging technology. Finsix Dart provides 65 watts of power smaller overall PC adapter 4 times lighter adapter to 6 times easier.

3) Bluesmart Carry-on luggage
It was equipped with modern technology can charge with smartphones battery, and more importantly, be able to connect with smartphones to control open or lock suitcase and check the weight contained in the suitcase quickly.

2) HTC Re Vive 

It is a tool that is similar to glasses. It has intelligent features can display a 3D image, like the real world.

1) LG Watch Urban LTE smart watches
New technology has been merged and SmartWatch smartphone functions together to produce this Urban LTE. It has ability that not allow the water lick into it, which can withstand a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. Urban LTE runs on Android, but WebOS with NFC mobile payment modern payment system, which is currently only Smartwatch only a few models have this function.

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