2 restaurants you can eat tasty Chinese noodle (Kuy Teav) with just 10000 Riel= 2.50 US dollars in Phnom Penh

Finding cheaper restaurants to eat in Phnom Penh sometimes, it's difficult. mostly when going to restaurants you properly pay a lot of money.

Bellow, I bring you to find cheaper places that you eat noodle with just 2.50 US dollars.

1-8 boat noodle dishes or plates piled on each other
It's located at Koh Pich (Diamond island). If you look at the ingredients in boat noodle dishes such as fried garlic, basil noodles and other ingredients, it really smells good that makes customers want not only a bowl but many bowls.

In addition, beef and meatballs also included in the noodle dishes that guests eat loathsomely. the price of a bowl of noodles costs only 2,500 riel, and some guests ate 8 to 10 bowl once. In particular, many people went to taste this noodle, because this boat noodle known for delicious soup.

2- Angkor Chum noodles restaurant
Angkor Chum is located at Diamond Island. It is famous for its soup that attracting many customers to go and eat.  In particular, customers who ate at Angkor Chum most popular  which has branches in Diamond Island exclaimed that its soup  tastes very good. In a bowl of noodles and beef meatballs is 8,000 riel= 2$US, so if you have the budget is only 10,000 riel you can rest 2,000 riel.

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