3 things that U 23 Cambodian National football team need to improve

Last night I enjoyed watching football match between Cambodia and Myanmar in the 28th Sea games event 2015 in Singapore by drawing 3:3.

Cambodia actually will be back to their own country even draw against Myanmar last night. Cambodia won against Philippine 3:1 at the first match, lost against Indonesia 6:1, lost against Singapore 3:1 and the last match draw against Myanmar 3:3.

It was so excited to watch the game against Myanmar and on how Cambodia team played even the percentage of ball control was less than Myanmar, but Cambodia really played well and it became very interested and excited game.

According to 4 matches I watched I can see 3 points that Cambodian national football team need to improve for a better team in the future.

1- Increase sprightly sense of defender
2 things that defenders need to improve. First they made a lot of mistakes during the last 3 matches, such as too many players gather to block only one striker of other team that created free space to other striker had free chance to goal. Second, they lacked of sense to be ready to block or defend the striker of its opponent,

2- Improve how to speed at the first run stage
While playing against Myanmar I always saw Myanmar's players can run faster at the first run (I do not really know the technically word for this), for example: when they fight for the ball, Myanmar player can speed up faster than Cambodian players that can make chance to control the ball. So, I suggest Cambodian players need to practice more for speed.

3- Improve how to control the ball
Actually, they really played good at the last match. During play against Indonesia and Singapore, Cambodian players lost a lot of ball, sometimes we can call they were nervous. So, this they need to improve as well.

Anyways, I admire about how Cambodian football improving if comparing to a few years in the past. I really believe that from now on, it will change the history for Cambodia football to the world.

Keep doing the great things the new young generation players!


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