5 simple routine on a regular basis can make you obese unconsciously

Did you ever think that you try to fast and do exercise, but you still have the same weight? Sometimes, some habits that you are not interested and never thought of can make you fat. Recently I read a health article from khmerload, I found out that there are some simple routine habits that can make us obese unconsciously.

Here are they:

1) Big bite to eat or eat a lot
Most people believe that big bite to eat, it can really absorb a lot of calories into the body. So when should you eat, you have to chew appropriately or slow as it helps you feel good.

2) Do not drink enough water
For this is that some people are less interested when you do not drink as much water per day, it can make you overweight than those who prefer to drink water. As you know that water can help the elimination of the poison in our body well.

3) Eat a large bowl
Eating large plate is able to gain weight than those who use smaller plates because many big plate of food accordingly. So the best way is to try to curb your hunger by eating a small bowl.

4) Less relaxed
Weight gain, and not focus only on a single food habits is not enough rest can make you gain weight, too. Did you know that your body can burn fat even while you sleep. So you should have some time to rest.

5) Go out with friends eating bad foods

When you go out with friends, eating or drinking unhealthy foods and drinks that these substances can cause weight gain. As you walk with friends, so you'll be eating the same friend who had ordered that you can not have a choice.

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