7 reasons why you should drink plenty of coconut water

I believe a lot of people who love drinking and eating coconut, but properly never known or even thought about its benefits, that's me too. I love coconut, its water and flesh are so good.

So, today I would like to bring you what I just found myself about the coconut benefits, and I believe when you know about its, you will love coconut more.

Pic source: positivemed.com

 Here they are!

1. Low calories 
Coconut water is a wonderful drink. Although it is sweet, but it contains low calories that is good for the body and provide proper moisture to the skin because coconut water contains about 95% of water.

2. Rich in Potassium
Potassium is an important mineral in the human body. Everyone needs it enough in order for the brain and nervous system function properly and this coconut water can help provide these potassium. Eating or drinking a coconut fruit intake is equal to 13% of daily potassium needs.

3. Rich in magnesium 
 Magnesium is another important component of the human diet, which takes 32%. If your body has low levels of magnesium can cause energy to weaken or bring your health down. So, eating or drinking one or two coconut fruit per day.

4. Rich in copper
Copper is very useful for health. Without it, the body and the digestive system can not work. Eating or drinking a coconut fruit intake is equal to 11% of the daily demand for copper.

5. Antioxidants 
Coconut water contains a lot of antioxidants, which help prevent damage to the body.

6. Kidney disease treatment
If you have kidney inflammatory , the best way to treat it without taking medicines is that the consumption of two coconuts a day for one week will help you.

7. Good for pregnant women 
For pregnant women are good to have coconut water. It will help fetus to grow well and and also help you to due easier during delivery.

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